Friday, December 19, 2008

Fat Boys, Sleeping Pills and (Nearly) all But a Ream of Paper

So, some twenty-four hours ago now, I sat uncomfortably on the edge of my Fatboy, in a freezing cold lounge, with water running down one of the internal walls and, cried. Just a bit. Then I shoved a cork in it and started moving everything I didn't like, out of the lounge, and into the box room. I remember taking the skulls and taxidermy butterflies and scary looking cats and teapots - putting them in the cupboard saying: "I don't want to be the scary person with dead things anymore". Stuff, stuff, stuff, no pun intended. Or the person that collects things. Jesus. What have I become? "Someone that apologises to a stuffed crow, that's who" "SHUT UP"

I managed to formulate a plan/deal with the boxes that are already in there - still unopened from my initial flit from below the Scottish Belt - I agreed that they could stay until after Christmas, and then... I think I motioned neck-chopping with my hand (at them). I'm totally hard. Oh ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-h... no, I'm so not. Friday told me on Monday, just as I was leaving and in a barely audible voice - "You are stronger than you think you are". One moment, in all of this dark and twisty nightmare of mine. I did hear that.

Kings of Leon. Can't stop listening to them. (Are they even 'cool'? Why do I even care? Didn't Mr O use them? Huh. Must be OK) Have I mentioned my lounge is now S-P-A-R-T-A-N? It is. Naked even. Me Ma asked me if it [the flat] still looked like someone lived there when I told her what I did, over the phone today. She always hates it when I move things. She thinks its a signal that I'm getting itchy.

"I am whacked out of my skull on sleeping tablets" Woo hoo! "Just in case you hadn't noticed - yes you! You with the authoritarian, wagging finger" I haven't even been in my bedroom today, never mind in bed. Never mind sleeping. I've been awake and had people in my house fixing leaking pipes. Everything is leaking at the moment. Isn't that a *sign* for something? Other than the fact that it's perishing outside and my pipes are screwed - but not as tightly as they should be, for they drip. "Ha-ha-aha-ah-haaa"

"Drip, drip, drop"

Night night.

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