Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bickety Back, Peek Through The Crack

Nothing is making sense, everything I write, or try to write feels mundane and awkward; so I'm going back. Bickety back. I am rooting through the files and papers and lists and words I have written since moving on July 17, 2008 - picking them up and putting them to where they should be. Maybe then I'll remember how and why I got to here.

I'm adding a note about the post and a link to the post so I can see it in context. I won't create a new, old post, I think that might make my head explode - for that, I'll work out some other long, convoluted manner to achieve (in)consistent archiving. Perhaps. Or I may just write a list.

This'll bloody teach me to leave shit all over the place without finishing anything. All this journalistic mayhem shows how disorganised things have been since moving how utterly 'random', I have felt and the confusion through which I am trying to make my brain cooperate through, every day. (My increased meds have brought back my brain fog, which is annoying because my brain wants to play now - it doesn't want to dribble and loaf)

And so to bed, hopefully:
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