Saturday, March 8, 2008

"I Got Junk In My Trunk..."

I am wandering round my house whacked out of my mind on sleeping tablets. Woo. Hoo. "Who knew" "Knew who?" Rhymes. Knew looks funny when it's written down. Ha. Funny. "Cuh-nyew"

I've been singing "I got junk in my trunk" too - for ages now, just repeating it over and over. I was sitting in the lav a minute or twenty ago when the singing started, thinking: "Does that mean "I have a fat arse", or "I am constipated", or "I come with baggage"?" Then that was funny because all of those could apply. Forthwith, pronto and immediately.

"I got junk in my trunk!" Hilarious. "Oh fuck off you old goat" She's so boring... "I got junk in my trunk! I got junk in my trunk!" She's gone now. She's not impressed. So funny.

"I got junk in my trunk!"

*My Friday Counsellor would not be impressed, I am writing my Blog in my bed and the lappentoppen shall lay beside me 'till I fall asleep. All night long. Munching away at my brain I would imagine. Munch, munch, munch. Just like An Apple A Day by Matthew Herbert.

"I got junk in my trunk!" La. La. La. Nighty night.

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